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How To Take Care of Your Home While Traveling To Africa?

Africa is a beautiful continent to visit, but most people have a home that they care about. You have got a pet, you have created a beautiful garden that has to be taken care of, and you have to make sure that your house is safe in severe weather conditions when you are not around. The concern is real. You are going to travel to another continent and you would be away for quite a while.

How To Take Care of Your Home While Traveling To Africa?
How To Take Care of Your Home While Traveling To Africa?

Despite this, you can still take care of your home when you’re away. Here is how:


Since your house is going to be vacant for a while. So, why don’t you have someone live and make some rent money in this manner? You would be killing two birds with one stone; your house would be taken care of and you would also earn money. Use Airbnb to rent out your house for a while. This is an app which travelers and other people use who are looking for a place to stay. Sign up on this app and publish your place and information so that people can contact you if they like the place.


This is one of the best options if you have pets. You can find a house sitter as there are people who are available to take care of your pets and house. People would do this for money. However, there are some who are there to visit the city and need a place to live. You can offer them accommodation for free. In return, they would look after your house and pet. They would also take care of the maintenance of the place such as the pool and garden.

Meet the potential visitors personally before you leave. Furthermore, you can ask your friend or relative to stay at your place for a while.

General safety tips:

In the scenario where nobody is staying at your place during your absence, you need to follow the general safety tips. Turn off all the power outlets and water supply. You can use timed power outlets, so it doesn’t give the idea that the home is empty. This is a trick to keep burglars away. Place your plants at an appropriate place where they can survive for the time you would be away, water them before leaving. Moreover, check the gas leakages.

Get the house roof checked:

You never know how the weather would treat your house once you are away. The roof is something that keeps the house safe from extreme weather conditions. Do not forget to get it checked before you leave. Make sure you contact some qualified roofer as you shouldn’t take any kind of risk. If you are a Virginia resident, ridgeline roofer in Sterling, VA has very professional services to offer. Their services include roof replacement, roof repair as well as siding repair. Other services they offer, to the residents and even businesses, are gutter and replacement services. The services they offer are high-quality and their team consists of very qualified and professional members who would take good care of your roof.

Moreover, they offer warranties for roof replacement. You can call them anytime as they are open 24/7. This company also has customers who are happy to recommend them for roofing service. You can call them and ask them to pay a visit and check the condition of your roof. They would tell you what improvements can you bring to your house roof.

After the roof assessment, you would have peace of mind that your house can stand any kind of weather condition.

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