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Renting a Car in Africa

Car renting while on vacation in any part of Africa is a convenient and relatively cheap travel option you should always consider taking. With all the uncertainties in the public transport sector in Africa, you will need the following guide, especially when traveling your family.

Is It Necessary to Rent a Car?

Most African cities have a problem with their public transport system especially if you have to travel outside of town. You are making it necessary to rent a car for your vacation. For any parent taking a vacation, you should consider evenflo sureride dlx review as your best option for maximum safety of your kid. Cabs are quite expensive in Africa as there are not standard charges, allowing overcharging especially during the night.

Renting a Car in Africa

When Is the Best Time to Book a Car Rental?

Book your car as early as possible, as car unavailability is a common phenomenon in Africa during the high season and at night. Thus, as soon as when you decide on your travel dates and have drafted your schedule, book your car online. Avoid booking your car on arrival as that will be subject to the laws of demand and supply. Also, booking a car on arrival limits your choice as you are obliged to take what is available.

Steps to Take in Renting a Car in Africa

  • Decide the type of car you need for your travel. Sedan, SUV, or a Hatchback. What are your driving mode preferences? How many people can carry comfortably? And most importantly demand to see pictures of the car you desire to book.
  • Once you are done with the selection, request a price quote and what each package cover.

Is Advance Payment Allowed?

Avoid making full payment for your travel as due to unforeseen circumstances that could arise. For instance, you could choose to cancel your trip, and that will place you at an awkward position of demanding for your money back which is not a nice place to find yourself. Although most rentals require payment before the travel date to make reservations, avoid committing your cash until you travel.

Thus, always settle for car rental services that allow booking and confirmation without having to make any payments — also, the source for one that does not impose penalties for canceling a reservation before the arrival dates.

Back-Up Services Provided by the Car Rental Company

The next step you will need to consider is the backup services provided by a car rental company. In case of a breakdown or accident, what are the back-up services included and are they covered in your initial cost? This is a question you need to be answered before making any commitments to a car rental service.

Level of Insurance Cover Offered

You can never tell what is likely to happen while you are on transit and for that reason, you need a comprehensive insurance cover for the car rental. In most African countries it’s not mandatory to have rental cars take comprehensive insurance policies, prompting the need to check on the level of insurance before getting to your vehicle. Always settle for the highest level of insurance policy on offer to be safe.

What to Do When Collecting Your Car

The first step towards collecting your car rental is visiting the offices and have the following items with you:

  • Driver’s license that complies with the local regulation, or an international driving license,
  • Passport,
  • Your Credit card or any pre-agreed means of payment,
  • An additional driver is always better just in case something happens to you.

Before signing for the rental contract, go through the agreement and seek clarifications on any clause you feel is unclear. When the car is finally handed over, check every detail of the vehicle and ensure it’s in the best mechanical condition and ensure you have a spare tire. Report any scratch on the body and the state of the windshield before taking the care and capture some pictures.

Finally, check in the tire tread and condition of the spare tire and the fire extinguisher. Do not neglect to check for any safety gadgets prescribed by law. Finally, ensure the car you take is fitted with a working tracking device and a google map if necessary.

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