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Things to See in Africa

Africa is one of the most adventurous continents on earth is known for its diverse wildlife, specular landmarks, and abundant marine life. Boasting of 52 countries, Africa has a lot to offer to anyone making a trip for the first time or a regular traveler. Each of the 52 states has its unique features and cultures that will thrill your mind. Regardless of where you decide to start your journey, you will have enough on your hands to choose from, ranging from modern cities to remote villages and wildlife sanctuaries. Here is a guide that cuts across the continent on some of the best sites to visit and things to see on your trip to Africa.

Things to See in Africa


Ushaka Marine Park South Africa

Here is one of the few marine parks in African where you have an opportunity to see the best of marine life in Africa. The park covers over 40 acres of land and is known to attract almost one million visitors every year. It is home to hundreds of sea life and section that hold land animals. You will be spoilt for choice as you visit South Africa, as the park is a true definition of modern Africa.

Egypt Valley of Kings

Egypt is a country known for its rich history that runs for thousands of years and is believed to be the origin of man. The valley of kings is located in the banks of the river Nile which is the backbone of the Egyptian economy. Valley of Kings is home to the tombs of ancient Egyptian rulers. It has been excavated by archeologists and to uncover some profound truths about the early life of the Egyptian people and their culture. Valley of kings is a must-visit site for any visitor to Africa as it gives an accurate picture of the early man, and listed as world heritage by the UN.

Ngorongoro Tanzania

Here is yet another UNESCO heritage spot in the highlands of Tanzania. The conservation is named after the famous crater which is home to lots of wildlife. Anyone seeking to have a view of high concertation of wildlife, this is a must visit site. You will have an opportunity to view all the big five in their natural habitat. Besides, the park joins with the Serengeti national park to the north of Tanzania giving you a rich view of wildlife and an opportunity to interact with the locals.

Okavango Delta in Botswana

The Delta is located at the endorheic basin in the Kalahari Desert at the heart of the tectonic trough. It is mainly swampy and features on the UNESCO world heritage site in Africa for its abundant wildlife. Besides, owing to its vast size, the Okavango Delta is listed among the seven wonders of Africa. Visiting the delta will take your breath away due to its many islands and each boasting of unique wildlife and birdlife concentration like no other place in the world.

Majorelle Garden Morocco

Here is an artist heaven boasting of a rich botanical garden in the Marrakesh area covering over two acres. It was designed by a French artist and took 40 years to complete the project. The cubist Villa was created in 1930 by the famous French architect Paul Senior gives Majorelle garden an extra touch of its artistic nature. Besides, you can visit the Berber museum and the Islam museum located within the Majorelle garden.

Atlas Mountains

The Atlas mountain ranges stretch for over 1,600 miles and join the Maghreb ranges. They pass through Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco, with Toubkal being the highest range located in the west of Morocco. Just like other mountain ranges, expect lots of wildlife unique to the region. Some of the ordinary tourists’ activities in the areas include cycling and hiking. Lovers of outdoor activities will surely love the Atlas mountain ranges and the road trips covering the three countries. For more details you can visit here https://dailyhive.com/mapped/travel-guides/cape-town/south-africa-garden-route-2019

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