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Top 10 Places to Visit in Africa

Africa is an extensive landscape with a wealth of wildlife, marine life, vast grasslands, forests, and birdlife that spoils you for choice. Besides, its only in Africa where you have an opportunity of visiting sites that remained unchanged for hundreds of years. Photographers and persons interested in hiking or marine life exploration are spoilt for choice here. Take a look at some of the best places to visit in Africa

Great Migration Tanzania and the Masai Mara

No photo or video will give you the thrill of a million wildebeest and hundreds of zebra taking their annual migration from Tanzania to Kenya or the reverse. The movement is an all year event as the animals take their journey from Tanzania’s Ngorongoro, Serengeti, and finally hit Masai Mara in Kenya in September and making their return journey again.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Africa

Table Mountain South Africa

The Table Mountain earns cape town a seat among the best beach sites in the world renowned for its photogenic places. Car cable rides are available here giving you a glimpse of the sunset or sunrise a few meters above the ground and the beach line within sight.

Djemaaa El Fna Morocco

This is one of the best town squares on earth, reminding you of your presence in Africa. Here you have an opportunity to experience true African roots within a city.

Sossusvlei Dunes Namibia

The names mean gathering site of water, but the irony of the site is you need to carry your water, or you will die of dehydration. It is the most iconic places in Namibia and Africa at Large, as the dunes here have developed over millions of years. Climbing the dunes and taking the views from the picks believed to be ghostly by the locals is such a fantastic experience.

The Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda

Having personal experience with these fantastic creatures with giving you an experience of your lifetime. Lots of tour operators are available here to help you with the navigation and help you get to the best sites available. The Nyungwe national park is one of the best locations you are likely to encounter as it has the largest concentration of the primates.

Victoria Falls

Here is one of the best water spectacle in the world found in both Zimbabwe and Zambia though it is mostly found in Zimbabwe. Known for the cloud that thunders, the site offers extreme satisfaction as you enjoy high humidity environment. Besides, you can view the rising mist from the falls from the plan as you approach Harare.

 Spitzkoppe Namibia

Here is a site within the heart of Namibia’s desert that’s so fascinating and gives a glimpse of the best Africa can offer. Spitzkoppe is a collection of granite peaks within the vast Namib desert. The site is heaven for any mountain climber, geologist, and bird lovers.

Sahara Dunes Morocco

The only section of the Sahara Desert is accessible through the northern part of Morocco which is home to the Sahara dunes. You can choose to take a trek with Berbers of Zagora or take a camping expedition at Tazzarine. At the foot of Merzouga dunes, you have an opportunity to view the stars without any form of light pollution.

Giza Pyramids of Egypt

This is the most famous structures near Cairo built in 2650BC. The sides of the pyramids are oriented to the north, south, west, and east with best precision levels. Besides, they are made from limestone blocks giving them more lifeline. Take a visit to Egypt and discover what each pyramid symbolizes and the history behind them.

Nyika Plateau National Park In Malawi

It’s the unique national park in Africa and the largest in Malawi. The park is characterized by rivers that cut across reaching lake Malawi by eastern waterfalls of the mountains. Towards the east border, you meet the walls of the great rift valley and the great domes that make the Nyika plateau.

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