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Why You Need Travel Insurance

It is that time of the year when your long-awaited trip to one of the African destinations has come. You are excited beyond doubt and believe that your travel agent planned everything nicely. You’re looking forward to seeing lions, elephants, and the rest of the big five animals, and then you also intend to swim with dolphins in the Cape. The flights, transfers, hotels, and tours have all been booked accordingly. The day finally comes and you board your flight, only to miss your connecting flight. You end up spending more money than you had planned for but finally, get to your destination. That is when you also realize that your luggage is lost. You start feeling sick and need medical attention. All these require additional costs that you hadn’t planned for.

Why You Need Travel Insurance
Why You Need Travel Insurance

This is something that is very common with travelers, and it ends up leaving them broke and not able to enjoy the holiday they had planned for so long. Such things can be avoided by buying travel insurance the moment that they pay for their trips. It will cushion them against all those unexpected costs so that they still end up enjoying themselves, and don’t end up spending money they hadn’t planned for. In this article, we are going to take a look at travel insurance, something that will buffer travelers against travel risks such as lost or stolen luggage, cancellation cover and unexpected medical costs abroad.

Things covered by a travel insurance policy:

  • Emergency medical cover
  • Losses incurred due to unforeseen cancellation or having to cut your trip short
  • Death and disability cover
  • Personal liability cover
  • Luggage cover
  • Other inconveniences like extended stays due to bad weather.

Is it required for domestic travel?

This would depend on factors such as if your regular health insurance company covers it. if it doesn’t, you would probably want to get a travel insurance policy because you can never tell what will happen.

Does travel insurance cover for injuries caused by dangerous sporting activities like skiing or surfing?

Some policies cover them while others don’t. Double check the maximum emergency medical cover to see if it includes competitive or event sporting activities and other risky sports.

When is the best time to purchase travel insurance?

As soon as one pays for the trip. There are firms that have cancellation coverage from up to six months before the trip.

What if a client’s travel is extended?

Yes, if clients extend their stay, they can extend their travel insurance. They should make sure that the policies haven’t expired and travelers haven’t claimed on the policies.

Homeowners Insurance in Florida

Moving away from travel insurance, we are now going to look at homeowner’s insurance in Florida. The home is like a sanctuary, a place that you invest in so that you can relax and bring up your family. This means that it would be a big blow to lose everything to some unexpected disaster. This is why you need to have home owner’s insurance to take care of the costs in such circumstances. The big question is, how much is homeowners insurance in Florida? That question can be answered by Alliance and Associates Financial Services Inc. since you can get free quotations from 25 of the biggest insurance companies in Florida.

What does a home insurance policy cover?

  • The structure of the home
  • The home contents
  • Other property structures
  • Liability coverage
  • Perils covered
  • Excluded perils
  • Deductibles

An extended replacement cost coverage takes care of repair, replacement, material, and labor costs, while hurricane deductibles are a must because Florida is a lightning prone city. Flood coverage can also be purchased separately.


The next time that you’re going on a trip, don’t become a victim of circumstances. Purchase travel insurance to cover any unexpected events, and while you’re on your trip, you can have peace of mind by ensuring that you have a home insurance policy that can be sourced from Alliance and Associated Financial Services Inc.

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